New York’s Top City Guide,
Printed by Solisco

It’s the largest tourist magazine in the biggest city in North America. New York’s Original City Guide Magazine by Davler Media Group continues to circulate and dominate. You’ll find it in the hands of tourists—and many locals, too—in 90% of the Big Apple, including midtown and downtown. Top hotels, concierges, and tourist info kiosks in New York’s busiest spots all rely on City Guide as a helpful, essential resource for visitors. Well, guess what? This magazine is printed exclusively by Solisco.

Since 1982, City Guide and its companion, City Map, have served as No.1 resources for tourist information providers. They reach for them when guests have questions about Manhattan, its bus routes, subway lines, Broadway shows, top attractions, museums, galleries, and restaurants. Exclusive savings, informative features, and detailed maps provide in-depth info on one of the world’s most vibrant cities. Data shows 80% of tourists make many of their decisions after arriving in NYC; City Guide and City Map help them narrow down their choices.

And while these guides include digital companions, Davler Media stands firm on wide distribution of its printed editions. Three million copies of the magazine are printed annually through Solisco, along with 1.2 million annual copies of City Map. “Our research tells us that tourists to New York still like having a physical magazine and map to walk around the city,” says David Friedman, Davler’s CFO. “They find it easier to have everything in one place than to have to look at many different websites.”

In fact, City Guide has been labeled an “institution” among travel experts—a barometer for the vibrancy of New York tourism. Its targeted, award-winning content helps consumers make informed decisions about how to spend discretionary time and money. “It’s the authority on tourism, trip planning, and everything to do in New York City,” says Friedman. “We help tourists (and even some locals) find the best ways to enjoy their time here.”

When asked how the explosion of digital offerings affects the production of city guides, Friedman says offering both digital and print is key to connecting consumers to brands, local businesses, and curated content. “Some advertisers are shifting toward digital formats,” he says. “Google and Facebook are formidable challengers for advertising spend. We’ve found we can be competitive by offering a suite of both print and digital products to meet our clients’ needs.”

And why stick with Solisco for Davler’s printing needs? “Earned loyalty,” Friedman says. “Solisco has been a great partner for us for many years, especially during the pandemic where they worked with us and were understanding to our challenges. Their support helped us weather the storm. When we think of Solisco, we continue to think: great customer service and high quality printing. You don’t get that type of partnership by jumping suppliers every few years.”