3 tips to put the spark back into your remote meetings

Sorry could you repeat that question?”


We ALL know that’s code for “sorry, I wasn’t paying attention” in remote meetings.


Zoom fatigue is real. And that’s a problem for managers.


So what can you do when faced with a grid of bored heads on a screen? How can you put some spark back into proceedings?  Here are three tips:

  • Laughter is the best medicine


A 20-minute Zoom laughter session will lighten the mood, activate feel good hormones and slash stress.


Experts say it’s like a muscle. The more you laugh, the stronger it gets. And the more you laugh, the more you support better communication at work. Find a laughter yoga specialist. Or plump for feel-good options like virtual magicians or breathwork coaching.


  • Get the party started


Having a few virtual party games up your sleeve is a surefire way to upgrade meh to magnificent. It could be as simple as setting a Marvel Comics dresscode, to changing your Zoom backdrops. Failing that, you cannot wrong with Two Truths and a Lie or. Guaranteed to spark fun.



  • Be more Elon Musk.


Some companies have introduced “Zoom-free Fridays,” to reduce the mental toll on office workers. If that’s not possible, make like Elon Musk and know when to walk away from the (Zoom) party. In his infamous email he says: “Walk out of a meeting or drop off a call as soon as it is obvious you aren’t adding value.”


What are your best remote meetings tips? We’d love to hear them.