How to act with empathy in 2021

A whole new year is ahead of us!


In 2020, you’ve prioritized those sharp shifts in your customers’ needs and you’re ready to act. But how can you make sure your efforts land with them, making sure you are starting 2021 on the right foot?


It starts with better communication. More clarity, more compassion and more consistency.


But what does that look like in practical terms? Here are our top three tips for showing more concern as you act to support your customers.


  1. Write for humans (not robots)

Nobody likes jargon. Yet bizspeak litters the world over. Take a red Sharpie to your emails, marketing channels, and web pages. Where do you descend into legalese or technobabble? Where can you use simpler language and shorter sentences? Now is the time to button-down on stuffy corporate communication.


  1. Over-communicate

Worried about adding to the noise? Don’t be tempted to tone down your communication lines. Acknowledge the changing environment. Ramp up email sends. Add a banner to your website. Craft helpful content and behind-the-scenes updates. Ask: what are my customers looking for now? Information about our opening hours? Protective measures?


  1. Show your unfiltered side

The more you show the steps your business is taking to help customers—no matter how clunky they are—the greater your potential for connecting with them. So be unashamedly open about your efforts. People are very understanding, and showing your hand will strengthen their trust.




The most important thing right now is to act with empathy, patience, generosity, and speed. Use these tips to bounce back with deeper, more long-lasting connections with your customers.