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In 1991, two entrepreneurs from the Beauce, founded Solisco.

They made the leap right as modern technology was shaking up the communications world and now, 30 years later, Solisco is a well-established leader in the printing industry.

Solisco has kept pace with a changing market, diversifying its products and services and growing at an admirable clip. An entrepreneurial focus is key to everything this innovative business does, leaving Solisco better placed than anyone to understand the issues facing organizations of all sizes.

Solisco looks forward to further innovation as it adapts to a constantly shifting market and continues to work closely with clients, suppliers, and partners.

The equipment for a press in a modern printing house

Expert printing

With an experienced team of over 400 employees, Solisco has become one of Canada’s biggest printers.

Expert logistics and mailouts

In February 2017, Solisco became a certified EXPERT partner of Canada Post, making it one of only 35 Canadian companies to receive the national postal service’s highest certification.

The partnership means Solisco can offer clients distribution services across Canada as well as in the US, where it has a long-standing relationship with the United States Postal Service.

Stacks of freshly printed books at a printing factory with an out-of-focus binding machine line in the background. Selective focus.

Expert content and design


In July 2017, Solisco acquired YQB Média, a thriving company in business since 2008. Renamed Maison 1608 by Solisco, this magazine content, design, and publishing firm has added even more products and services to Solisco’s vast portfolio to help its top clients reach ever greater heights.

A word from our president

Focus in Print

Solisco was launched in 1991. We had a dream of owning our company. We knew printing, we knew finances, and we had the drive to make it happen. 30 years later, I am amazed at the road that we’ve traveled.

Building one of the largest independent printing companies in Canada was quite a journey. We have developed long lasting relationships with so many clients that have pushed us to grow at a  faster pace, build a solid factory, and made us a major player in the industry. Now we are printing for customers from coast to coast both in Canada and the USA. Our production facilities use state-of-the-art equipment, rigorous  processes, attention to detail and have the capacity to deliver beyond expectations, making us an important business partner for our clients. Today, I am really proud of our success. But what matters most to me is the team of 400 dedicated people working hard every day, like we’ve done since day one, to make it happen. Like our new brand image shows so well, Solisco is built on three important values : expertise, sustainability and connectivity.

At the heart of our business, we have people. Dedicated. Passionate. Driven.

And that’s what makes us… Creativity in Print.

Alain Jacques, President