Solisco and Maison 1608: Putting the brand first

Solisco: 30 years | Branding | Interview with Julie Boulanger


Julie Boulanger: “Every project starts with listening to our clients so we can understand their objectives.” As artistic director of Maison 1608, Solisco’s creative marketing agency, Boulanger works with graphic designers and project managers to deliver high-quality print and web content to local and national clients, every day.

Solisco’s partners can call on Maison 1608 to create a new brand image, a brand identity or content strategies for print, digital and/or social media platforms. They benefit from cutting-edge expertise that aims to promote their brand and attract consumer attention.

Recognized for their many top-of-the-line turnkey publications, Maison 1608 combines the creativity of an agency with unparalleled expertise to get the most out of printing. This exclusive connection to Solisco’s printing and distribution teams—with their selection of paper, textures, colours, sizes and die-cutting—doubles the opportunities for brands and advertisers alike to make a good impression.


Building a new brand

When Maison 1608 joined Solisco in 2016, it was clear that it was time to freshen up Solisco’s brand image. After all, you need to lead by example! As the head of the rebranding operation, Boulanger created a new logo based on the three defining characteristics of Solisco’s identity triangle: relationships, expertise and sustainability

She explained that “the logo designed by Maison 1608 resembles both the symbol for infinity and the movement of paper rolls in the printing presses. The letter font calls to mind the company’s friendliness and lasting presence. The ‘CO’ at the end hints to the words collaboration, cooperation and consultation, reflecting the sense of partnership between Solisco, its employees, its customers and its partners.”

“The imaginative, evocative logo illustrates the company’s values and personality

 with originality and accuracy.”

Translating the vision, mission and values of a company into a single image requires time for introspection and reflection. “It’s so inspiring to think of and design a signature that’s both minimalist and meaningful.”

Boulanger noted that it was in the same vein that, in 2019, Solisco launched the visual identity of its employer brand Colab, which combines the cross-sectional resources and expertise in the company to creatively and innovatively solve customer issues.

“We have the expertise and flexibility to tell great stories. With our ingenious solutions, we help our clients turn business challenges into success.”

At Solisco, this creativity is conveyed by aiming for the best possible solutions. “That implies working together, combining our internal and external expertise to deliver the best product in the best possible way, in Canada and in the United States,” Julie said.


Brand-name guests

Indeed, the artistic director pointed to the special relationship between consumers and paper. “There’s an instant response! Whether it’s to sell, entertain or inform. In this context, the reading experience has to be as enjoyable as possible, which demands absolute mastery at every step.”

The agility and complementarity of these skills are also seen in Maison 1608’s ability to mobilize external specialists, chosen based on the target sectors. Photographers, designers, writers, translators, revisers: this huge network of collaborators enriches and amplifies the impact and reach of all Maison 1608’s content.


A one-stop shop (for real!)

All in one place, a single client can get a new brand identity, develop their advertising slogan and create a vast arsenal of printed promotional items—from simple stationery to corporate brochures, inspiring magazines for consumers, catalogues or point-of-sale posters.

“Our vision and expertise are consistent. That’s what helps our clients always deliver the right message, in the right place, to the right people. Our catchwords? To create that which is beautiful, excellent and relevant.”