Smart printing is here

Paper will always be in style. And since we’re usually connected to a screen, it’s even more relevant than ever. We know that printing has a bright future, but it is changing, mainly because of the new notion of smart printing. And nobody wants to miss the boat!


Thanks to Solisco and its partners specializing in data collection and analysis, Maison 1608 can help our clients reach their target audience, which boosts their performance and increases the chances of a greater return on investment. We do this by constantly improving and by providing top-quality content and polished graphics designed for keen niche readers, in addition to our targeted distribution method that reaches the relevant audience.


The importance of printing is being increasingly recognized by the world’s biggest brands, and Maison 1608 is more prepared than ever to support our clients using the best marketing strategy for them. This is how paper becomes a prized and prestigious product that speaks to the reader, that invites them to sit for a moment and simply enjoy. Long live paper!