3 ways to encourage in-person work

Telework definitely has its benefits: zero commute, fewer distractions and a better work-family balance. But a company’s success also depends on collaboration, creativity and engagement, all of which are better cultivated in person. Here are a few ideas to encourage your teams to spend more time at the office.


1. Coordinate hybrid work

More than half of workers have chosen a hybrid form of work, going in to the office two or three days per week. Make sure there are enough people there at the same time to create some energy. Driving 30 minutes to work in a practically empty office isn’t very stimulating!


2. Create spaces for collaboration and wellness

Telework is great for tasks that need to be done by individuals and for productivity. Take advantage of having your teams onsite to focus on jobs requiring innovation, problem solving, training and discussion. And encourage these connections by creating varied, casual, inspiring spaces, like a relaxation lounge or a light-filled atrium.


3. Spiff up the office

Improvised Plexiglas panels, posters with health guidelines and off-limits seating that enforces physical distancing don’t create the most welcoming atmosphere. Bring in more sustainable solutions to define spaces and direct traffic, like plants and decorative items. Freshen up the colours, lighting and layout to make your offices more enticing, just like we’re getting ready to do at Maison 1608, Solisco’s content and design agency.