Three ways to reach peacefulness and productivity (Part 2)


If the thought of planning a new 10-year window is all a bit “Whoa—I’m only just embracing this week”, let’s focus on making 2020 great, with part two of our “keep-calm-and-be-more-productive” series.

1) Write a to-don’t list

“The most important decisions you make are not the things you do—but the things that you decide not to do.” —Steve Jobs

What can you cull from your life for increased productivity and joy? Look at how you’re spending your time and ask:

  1. Does this make me happy?
  2. Is it helpful to my career?
  3. Will it move the needle?

If something doesn’t tick at least two of these boxes, move it to your to-don’t list. It’s like spring cleaning for your mind.

2) Manage your energy, not your time

Studies continue to prove that downtime and recharging are crucial to performance. Yet still we push ourselves into a state of perpetual exhaustion.
Each week, make a list of simple rituals: lunchtime walks, screen-free breaks, quiet contemplation—and actually stick to them.

3) Copy, paste, edit, relax

Fight the urge to write everything from scratch and set time aside to make templates for materials you must produce regularly: emails, presentations, proposals.
Sure, it’s a little upfront effort, but you’ll do a good job in less time and free yourself from some of that grind.




The leaflet is a communication tool commonly used to present or promote a business.
There are many ways to fold it. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are the main folding options:



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