How you doing?


How you doing? No, really, how ARE you doing?

It’s nice when people pay attention to us. In the workplace, we’re 3.5 times more likely to contribute to our fullest potential if we feel seen. Yet according to one study, 40% of people feel isolated at work… and this is a growing issue. So what can managers do to make people feel more valued? Here are three ways:


1. Be interested

Emotionally intelligent people use questions to make others feel comfortable. It helps people open up and share more. So seize the opportunity to ask “How are things? How can I support you?” It can go a long way to building authentic connections. You’ll be surprised how quickly people will be honest with you when you ask questions and listen.


2. Stay cool

During high-energy moments, pause and take stock. Consider: What mood is this person in? Are they stressed, angry, anxious? And what mood am I in?  What can I do to make us both feel better? Giving yourself the chance to review what’s happening reduces the chance of everybody saying things they may later regret.


3. Embrace vulnerability

Have you ever sought feedback from junior colleagues? While it might seem counterintuitive, taking their views on board and talking openly about your own challenges demonstrates trust and vulnerability. This helps everyone to see each other’s human side—always a good thing


These tips may sound obvious, but in the midst of a hectic day, they can be easily overlooked. Tell us, what makes you feel valued at work?





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