The life changing magic of a digital spring clean


Are you a Kondophile would you say? Thanks to Netflix’s ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’, the world’s gone nuts for the KonMari MethodTM. The benefits are compelling. Science tell us decluttering is good for our mental health. It lowers cortisol and gives us back a sense of control. So we thought: Hey Marie! How about a little life-changing magic for our work lives, too? Anything to make us more productive and less stressed, right?

Here are some tips for the three deadliest digital distractions in your life — your inbox, browser and phone. Think of them like Marie Kondo for your working day.

How to KonMari your inbox bulk unsubscribes you from all those newsletters that seem to appear out of nowhere. It also rolls up your favourites (ahem) into a handy, scannable daily digest. Meantime, Sortd for Gmail transforms your inbox into a “Zen-like experience”—organising everything into drag ‘n’ drop lists.

How to KonMari your phone
Go to your phone’s settings and change the screen to grayscale. Now everything’s not screaming at you in glorious technicolour, those shouty red notifications lose their power over you. Distracting apps look drab and less demanding. And those pretty pictures that keep you scrolling? A little bit less enticing. Voila! Your phone addiction is gently muted.

How to KonMari your browser
OneTab is the answer to your multiple tab nightmares. Sure, we all need 300 tabs open. What if I need that article, but can never find it again? The FOMO is real folks. But not only does this add to our scatter-brained modern malaise, it chokes up your browsing speed.

One click of the button collates all your open tabs into a list of links you can revisit later. Your computer regains 95% of its processing power—and you my friend, can rest easy once more.

Feeling like a Kondophile yet? Hopefully these tips have inspired you to put on your digital Marigolds and you are now feeling ready to spark some joy in your online life.



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