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Package Thoughtfully

Ecodesign is no longer just a choice. Are you ready for the change?

Companies are ready and willing to improve their environmental practices, and consumers are actively seeking out ecodesigned packaging that promotes recycling and improves their environmental footprint. Are you ready for the change? Solisco is, and we’re fully prepared to help you adapt.


Reluctant to make the move?

You should know that 50% of Quebecers say they are keenly interested in products that come in environmentally friendly packaging, to which they attribute the characteristics of safety, conservation and consumer experience. This is your chance to get on board!

Ecodesign: sustainable solutions for a healthy planet

Solisco is the partner of choice for small, medium and large companies that are ready to incorporate more environmental solutions into their packaging, printing and marketing strategies. This new collaborative approach naturally includes ecodesign.

The Solisco team relies on its sensibility, expertise and creativity to suggest innovative solutions and, most importantly, tangible actions. Ecodesign will help our partners benefit from a support that aims to expand their new commercial initiatives and help them flourish.

Develop your environmental fiber

Using traditional materials like cardboard made of natural paper fiber, you can achieve both sturdiness and flexibility in a single-material, recycled and recyclable product that doesn’t include any environmentally harmful components.

Your clients will be able to work with innovative solutions that promote natural, organic materials, and you will be doing your part to end resource waste, reduce plastic and eliminate single-use products.

Exciting solutions

With the focus on ecodesign, Solisco is the ideal partner to optimize your environmental practices. We’ll give you the opportunity to enter the circular economy and add to your value chain as you make the most of a wide range of ever more innovative packaging products and containers.

Solisco: Your guide for responsible printing strategies

> Ecodesign: collaboration, innovation and transformation

> Start-to-finish guidance for printing solutions

> Sustainable approaches and actions

> Budget analysis, diagnosis and recommendations

> ESG practices (environment, society and governance)

> A one-stop shop for customized advice

Protect and perpetuate your products…
and the planet.

Circular economy: Stop going around circles!

The circular economy combines environmental concerns with commitment. In the day-to-day, its goal is to produce goods while reducing leftover waste, raw material waste and the use of non-renewable energy sources.

Every month, hundreds of companies are making the move to the circular economy by integrating innovative procedures and choosing environmentally responsible packaging.

Joining the momentum, Solisco helps companies transform their approaches and practices. It pushes their brands and products further by encouraging them to adopt more results-driven strategies that are also better for the planet.

The natural-fiber, post-consumer recycled paper Solisco uses in its cardboard packaging helps turn the circular economy and lightens the load on the planet.


Did you know?

Laws and regulations

New bills are aiming to ban single-use plastics starting in 2023 for specific items, and expanding to many more in 2025. The new rules may come with eco-fees—a type of tax intended to compensate for practices that impact the environment.

In other words, you need to make sure the next strategies you choose fit into the new compliance requirements. The Solisco team can steer you through the process by suggesting the best ways to take action.

Composition of
the recycling bin 2015-2017

> Metals 3 %

> Plastics 11 %

> Organic materials and other 11 %

> Glass 18 %

> Paper/Cardboard 57 %

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Get your brand message out there, environmentally and sustainably

A growing number of companies are choosing cardboard—an environmental solution made with recyclable fibre from a single material.

By replacing or complementing envelopes, cardboard boxes, sleeves, cases and other packaging make promotion, purchasing and product discovery even more exciting.

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Show your true colours

A specialist in cardboard packaging, Solisco provides customized design and printing solutions for cardboard sleeves and cases in a range of sizes, shapes and colours. Let’s work together to get your brand noticed at first glance!


  • One-stop shop, from design to delivery
  • Custom sizes and shapes
  • High degree of visual personalization
  • Several printing techniques available


  • White cardboard made with 100% superior-quality fibre
  • Eco-friendly life cycle: recycled and recyclable boxes


  • Printing in small, medium or large quantities
  • Graphic, digital and logistic support
  • Manufactured and delivered in North America
  • Solisco seal of quality, a reference throughout the continent
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