Green vision

A Canadian leader in its field, highly esteemed by peers and partners alike, a reference in the industry… From its very beginning, Solisco has always cared about the world. Now, taking care of the planet has become a core value and is one of the company’s main concerns. Balancing printing and the environment takes a shared vision, some sacrifice and a willingness to identify and take advantage of opportunities to improve practices. So Solisco can make a real difference.


Forest management

Solisco became a pioneer in Canada’s print and paper industry when it joined the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). All of these programs promote sustainable forestry management.


And with its PrintReleaf certification, Solisco gives its customers the opportunity to turn each printout into a reforestation initiative. That means real trees are planted on behalf of the customer through reforestation projects around the world.


Environmental inks

Solisco’s printing inks are made with plant-based ingredients, such as soy and linseed oils as well as pine and fir gum resins, and do not contain any heavy metals. Not only that, none of the products used in printing are tested on animals.



Besides recycling all paper waste, Solisco also recycles the aluminium in printing presses and leftover ink.


Environmentally friendly paper

Solisco’s customers can also take up eco-responsible practices by choosing recycled or carbon-neutral paper. Solisco is known for the excellent quality of its products printed on environmentally friendly paper.

Did you know?

Making a book takes just 2 kWh of energy. This means that the process is green, energy-efficient and mainly uses a renewable resource and recyclable materials.