Savvy Printing: Cut Costs with Solisco

Looking for ways to cut down on your printing costs without the hassle? Discover how Solisco makes this process as easy as taming a gentle llama, thanks to our high-quality printing solutions and dedicated team.


An Expert in Printing Solutions

Meet our printing solutions expert! Éric Gingras is not just a printing expert; he’s also a master at customizing your projects. Unlike other services that tell you, “Sorry, one size fits all,” Éric ensures that “Your wish is our command.”


Need on-site training? No problem, Éric will visit your premises to ensure a smooth transition.


Kodak InSite Prepress

With our Kodak InSite Prepress prepress portal, take control of your printing process 24/7. Modify your files as you wish without any additional fees. It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet of printing options, accessible at any hour. Visualize your projects, adjust the layout, and collaborate with your team wherever you are.


Not only is Kodak InSite Prepress an industry benchmark, but it’s also reliable, secure, and promises significant time and cost savings.


Why Choose Solisco

For over 30 years, Solisco has not only provided quality tools but also personalized support. Our customers are thrilled, and we’re sure you will be too.


Whether you’re in the office, working remotely, or on the move, our platform adapts to you. Collaborate with your team as if you were all sitting around the same coffee table, thanks to our reliable and secure technology.