How to keep remote teamwork alive (when it all wants to do is flop on the couch)

What motivates you at work?

Chances are it’s part play, part purpose, part feeling like your potential is nurtured.

When the authors of Primed to Perform surveyed 20,000+ workers, they found that remote workers were most at risk of low performance because of a lack of these three key motivators.

So what can you do to encourage and nurture more play, purpose and potential? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Share ‘little moments.’

Encourage colleagues to post a picture of something from their day. A favourite book, a weird sandwich filling, a photo of their fluffy Bichon Frise. Sharing personal moments gives a glimpse into people’s lives beyond the screen and stokes important non-work-related chats.

  1. Keep people connected to their ‘why.’

Ask people to locate a time when something went really well at work. Maybe they got recognised for a project. Or outstanding feedback from a customer. Encourage them to share these positive moments to shine a light on what they enjoy about their jobs and why they do it.

  1. Set a friendly challenge

Create a goal for your team to work towards. Number of steps. Miles covered. Anything to foster a little healthy competition. If competitions aren’t your thing, create a poll on something like Perkbox Recognition. It’s a great way to send shout-outs, celebrate milestones and say thank you, virtually.

People want to feel seen, heard, and appreciated. Use these tips to make these key motivators part of your team’s everyday life, now and whatever the next chapter holds for us.