To be mastered in 2021: The art and science behind reaching your audience



Hear that?


That’s the sound of businesses everywhere spinning their wheels. If you’re also scrabbling to meet your customers’ needs amid 2020’s mass disruptions, we’re here to help.


In our last text, we shared some tips for identifying what your customers need from you, right now. But how do you position yourself to meet those needs? Consider these factors:


  1. Adjust your goals


Almost overnight we saw a palpable shift in how people think and act. Suddenly, creating a competitive edge became less about conversions and more about building connections.

So ask yourself: where can you give your customers a sense of safety? Use this question as a compass for articulating your new goals.


  1. Prioritise by size of impact


With limited time and resources on your hands, you need to focus on the most valuable group of customers you can positively impact. So instead of trying to fix everything and help everyone, think about where you can make the biggest difference right now.


  1. Prepare to move fast


Which pain point can you solve today and with least difficulty? The sooner you can give your customers what they want, the stronger the relationship you’ll build in a post-COVID world.


Meeting your customers where they are now is no easy task in a crisis. But focusing on flexibility, size of impact, and speed will help you maintain a strong customer experience.


In our next text, we’ll look at more steps you can take to solidify these strategies.