How to (really!) take care of your customers during a crisis

How do you keep selling during this big-old-hot-mess and not come across as insensitive?


The key is to double down on goodwill. To create long-lasting emotional connection that will impact how your customers see you now—and long after we’ve ridden out this storm.

Over the next three posts, we’re sharing some practical tips to help you navigate these quicksands and build deeper, more solid customer loyalty.


The first step is to IDENTIFY what your customers value most right now…


  1. Social listening

How has the new ‘stress mindset’ changed what people say about you? Scan your social media feeds and examine comments and questions. What’s the overall sentiment? Do this regularly to help you prioritise as the crisis evolves.


  1. Search terms

How are people searching your website? What are they looking for specifically? Are some pages getting more visits than others? Pay attention to anomalies, trending search terms, and traffic spikes.


  1. Customer feedback

Why are people picking up the phone? Pull up support tickets and talk to your customer-facing teams. If you need to, proactively reach out to your customers. Use every opportunity to collect customer feedback on how you’re meeting their needs and expectations.




Taking steps to identify what your customers need now could reveal simple fixes to your processes that could massively enhance their experience with you.

In our next month, we’ll look at how to prioritise those needs so you can reassure them, reduce pain wherever possible, and serve with empathy.







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