How to help your team adapt in an ever-evolving crisis


It all happened so quickly, 

One minute it’s business as usual. The next­, we’re thrown into a pyjama-themed dystopia filled with productivity pitfalls and endless Zoom meetings. If this is the new normal, how can leaders help their teams adapt? It starts with cultivating engagement and commitment. When morale is up, so is resilience. If you want to foster more of that in your business, try these tips:
Don’t shy away from small talk
Sure, you’re busy with Zoom calls all day, but make time for chit-chat. Ask people about their accomplishments, complaints, families and lives. People who feel heard are 4.6 times more likely to perform to their best abilities. They’re happier and more motivated. So work on your active listening. Check out some online courses about this technique if need be.
Zoom fatigue is real—but it’s avoidable
Communication is more crucial than ever. But should Zoom always be the default option? One study found that voice-only calls can be more accurate at conveying information than videoconferences. When you need to touch base, ask yourself “what’s the most efficient medium for this?” Consider text messages, emails and phone calls as potential alternatives.
Embrace microlearning
Upskilling is essential right now. Yet training remotely can be tricky. Consider weaving bite-size learning sessions into your everyday meetings. For instance, a five-minute video on how to use a productivity tool is a breeze to consume, which can make it easier to put the lesson into practice instantly.
Companies that treat their employees with compassion will be most likely to see increases in engagement and commitment. These tips will help you demonstrate much-needed empathy through this crisis.



Summer has arrived, and I think it’s the perfect time for taking stock of this unprecedented situation. As a business owner, I’ve been in the industry for a very long time now; I’ve reached a lot of milestones and I’ve followed more uncertain paths than I can remember, but nothing I’ve faced through these years can compare to this global pandemic and its effect on our economy, our cities and, most importantly, our lives. Despite all the uncertainty, one thing remains unquestionable: times like these call for collaboration, resilience, and especially creativity. I’ve witnessed a lot of those things among my employees and fellow business owners over the last four months and I could not be more proud of them.

I am so grateful to be able to lean on a team of experts who are dedicated to achieve more and more, every day. Our whole team is at your service to assist you and show you just how far we can go, together.

Alain Jacques
President and CEO