Colab, a brand that reflects our culture

In an era when businesses are constantly renewing their human resource management practices, Solisco is launching a powerful internal brand. Bearing the name “Colab”, it’s based on an unassailable principle: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Colab is in charge of making sure our marketing is consistent throughout the entire Solisco family, boosting increased collaboration between all members of our staff. In concrete terms, this means that everyone is invited to help and support not only their own team, but other personnel as well — a promising transversal approach allowing us to better meet our clients’ expectations.

Thanks to the launch of our internal brand, cooperative practices will spread to all our departments: sales, marketing, customer service, estimates, finance and production. From office to press, our personnel embodies the Colab spirit by contributing to the development of innovative ideas as well as their deployment.

We’d like to thank the employees who improve our collaborative processes and generate an incredible amount of positive energy!


Colab is…

  • a collaborative attitude ;
  • the ability to find solutions together;
  • a good ideas lab enabling us to better work together, to improve our performance and be happier at work;
  • Solisco’s superpower, giving us the strength to reach new heights.