Solisco Supports Personnel Following Beauce Floods

Solisco saw many of its employees go through tough times during the floods that hit the Beauce region this spring. Since our team is our greatest strength, we took immediate action to help these people and their families.

Shortly after the Chaudière River overflowed, we sent a special issue of our internal newsletter to every member of our staff. Our goal: create a bridge between the victims and the people wishing to help them, under an initiative called “Operation Mutual Aid”.

Those wishing to generously donate their time or belongings (clothing, toys, dishes, etc.) simply needed to tell us what they had to offer, and we then forwarded it to those in need.

Employees were also invited to participate in a fundraiser organized on the GoFundMe crowdfunding platform. Within a week, their donations reached $2,575, an amount Solisco matched, bringing the total to $5,150. We then distributed the money equally among those affected.

Finally, we hosted members of our team in Solisco’s own accommodations. Located a few steps away from our printing facilities, these accommodations are usually offered to clients who come  from elsewhere to visit us or to check proofs overnight. They were therefore all designed to comfortably host our colleagues who could not return to their homes.

As a Beauce-based company, Solisco, along with its big-hearted colleagues, is happy to have been able to provide a bit of comfort to the victims.