Case study – Marché Artisans


16-page brand brochure printed in high resolution (200-line screen) on 100% recycled offset paper.


Walk-in and proximity customers, as well as specific.


Marché Artisans is the very first international gourmet market to have its place in a Canadian hotel. This unique branded brochure supports the launch of this gourmet getaway  and foodie destination.


The brochure was used as a brand awareness and seduction marketing tool.

Distribution strategy

After doing an analysis of the target client groups with the marketing team, we proposed a complete mailing strategy in order to promote diverse, yet complementary lines of business to segmented audiences: catering services,  culinary workshops, in-store selections, etc.

What’s more

We pushed the needle forward by customizing each mail-in of the gazette with integrated coupons and discounts to fit the needs of specific audiences.


Increase in sales and boosted in-store footfall.

Customer’s testimonial

«We have had a solid partnership with Solisco and its creative agency for more than two years. The team gained our trust with their extensive expertise and their respect for our  brand’s DNA. By collaborating with them, we have refined  a successful strategy for the short-, medium-, and long-term. Agile, professional, creative, and honest would be the first qualities that come to mind when describing the team at Solisco. It’s a real pleasure to turn to them, year after year,  to take our next issue to another level!»